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Don't Stick Your Tongue Out At Me, I Might Diagnose It.

Ok Guys, it's 2021 and by now we have all seen, heard of or experienced some type of body reading system or correction therapy. Be it reflexology, acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology or a good old massage. Even experienced endocrinologists use skin, hair and other body markings to help diagnose hormone problems.

Enough about that. Let's talk about me.

Something funny happened to my mouth after I had a fever on New Years Eve. About four days later I lost my taste and smell. I thought to myself - "Yup I had that new funk!"

So, with time off in quarantine, I cleansed everything. My home, my office, my kitchen and grocery list, my social media, my colon, liver and kidneys.

Throughout the cleanse I noticed a lot of changes in my energy, skin, hair, body odor, and my Tongue!


No kidding!

I was amazed at the corresponding landscape of my pallet and the symptoms I was going through.

Traditional eastern medicine has been 'watching tonques' for centuries.

Before the fever, came the chills and I noticed a white film on my tongue. Then my taste and smell vanished and I was having a hard time staying hydrated despite all the water I was drinking.

It wasn't until I looked at my tongue that I knew I had internal work to do. It was red with white in the back and would change throughout the next month. My main focus, according what my tongue was saying visually, was Liver Heat & Yin Deficiency with Intestine toxins. So I treated my colon, liver and kidneys to a month of cleansing and healing.

Below are some interesting takes on what could be going on inside according to your tongue.

An experienced health practitioner could assist you in correcting these conditions.

Hope this information can help you.

You can never know too much about how to take care of yourself. Remember, the body speaks the mind. It is our responsibility to listen to it and learn to interpret what it's communicating.

So the next time you decide to stick your tongue out at someone, you just may want to keep your personal health records to yourself..... Hahaha...

By the way, my taste and smell returned after two weeks.

I am still working on keeping my diet clean and watching my tongue, visually and verbally..

Believing in YOU!

- Barry

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