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Updated: Feb 23, 2021


I frequently hear this from clients:

Me: "What's going on? How's your body?"

Client: "Not much. I'm just tired. You know?..Stressed...(sigh)...

Oh! And my neck hurts. I seem to hold my stress in my shoulders."


Your emotional state affects your posture and your posture affects your emotional state.

Remember a time when you were Sad?

A specific time? Close your eyes.

Go there Now and Feel it.

How is your posture? How do your muscles & organs feel?

--NOW Open the Eyes and Clear that image.

How about a time when you felt Happy, Confident and Powerful?

A specific time? Go there Now.

How is your posture? How do your muscles/organs feel?

It is no coincidence that your muscles responded in that way.

So, is it true the other way around? ....Yes !!!

By changing your posture you can change your emotional state.

In an intelligent feedback loop your Body and Brain cannot be disconnected from each other. You cannot disconnect yourself from any part of yourself.

The body literally speaks the mind! AND.....We can program the mind using the body!

Remember learning to ride a bicycle? After falling and practicing for a bit you have muscle memory programmed into the brain. And now the act of riding feels like it is automatic.

It's as if you programmed the 'Habit" of riding the bike.

Next time you feel stressed try this:

1-Notice the stressful emotion and your posture. (ex. worry)

2-Think of the opposite or more positive emotion which would counter the problem emotion. (ex. confident)

3-Now how would a person who is confident stand? What images of themself would they hold in their mind? Take on that confident posture while imagining you are the type of person that naturally defaults to the positive poised response. Feel yourself being in control of your emotions, your body and your mind.

With practice you just might gain a new healthy habit and be riding circles around that old worry you used to have.


Believing in YOU!

Barry LaPlante

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