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Divorce made me do it !

If you haven't experienced your own personal 'dark night of the soul' you need to go on out and get ya some. Kidding.

Truly, there is no greater catalyst for change than rock bottom. Unfortunately, we humans have a hankering for self sabotage.

Going through that stressful time was hard on my body and mind. At one point I experienced Adrenal Fatigue with severe Sciatica and lost 15 pounds from not eating, due to the stress and pain. I was so frustrated that, with all of my experience and skills in kinesiology, I couldn't help myself. At least my conscious mind couldn't help me.

That's when I tried hypnosis for the first time. Sure, I had been doing self and guided meditation for a long time. But this was hypnosis.

You know......the 'make me quack like a chicken' stuff......Right? ....

I had previously been reluctant to try it. Or should I say - I was scared to try it.

It was as if I did't want to know if the problem was me. Funny how we avoid our own stuff.

But something just had to work for me at that point. I was having a hard time doing my daily tasks, much less having any sort of faith in a happy future. And everything I was doing consciously was only scratching the surface.

We have all heard of subliminal audio recordings to help you learn a foreign language. Listen to them as you sleep and the information is easily absorbed by the unconscious mind. During this process, the conscious mind is switched off. This is simulated in the trance state in hypnosis. The difference is that you are in total control during hypnosis.


And.....You have Already Been Hypnotized!

Have you ever lost a sense of time while doing something 'in the zone'?

Have you ever driven home and then thought? "I don't remember driving."

Daydream? Ever?? Watch a movie and cried with the main character?

Fallen asleep? Woken up?

These are all forms of trance states.

Once I realized what the therapist was actually saying and doing I was in.

Hypnotherapy is the same as guided meditation. With therapeutic suggestions added.

The therapist says a suggestion - the client either accepts the suggestion or they don't. If the therapist suggests something outside of your belief system you simply will not accept it. If the client wishes to change a limiting belief the suggestions offer other choices which lead to changed behavior and the desired outcome.

I needed change!!! So I found a couple good tracks online that I easily accessed with my phone and some headphones. Listened to one track for 7 nights before sleep. And began finding myself not thinking about that old story so much. I was gaining clarity. Feeling like my auto pilot was working better. Like my whole self was supporting what I wanted consciously. The self pity vanished, the overwhelm was gone and I had more energy.

It takes a lot of extra energy, behind the scenes, to run all of those old inefficient programs. Hypnosis helped update my programming from the inside out.

When what you're doing consciously is not working - It is time to go inside.

Believing in You,


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