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NEW YEARS Resolutions? You're just a kid !

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

How are those NEW YEARS Resolutions going?

I don’t know about you but when I was 7 years old you couldn’t keep my attention more than five minutes. And since this is true, of the subconscious mind, we may want to give it direction more often throughout the day.

So....let’s think about how long of an attention span a 7 year old has. So curious and enthusiastic, he is ready to go. Give him a task. Allow him to finish on his own. Then what happens? Most likely he’ll get into some goofy mischief. Using his imagination....he’ll have fun !......... Or completely screw up and break something or someone.

At the very least he probably would not voluntarily work on your new goals!!!

FACT : You are running on default mode about 95% of your day. Seriously! You’re unconscious mind runs All The Time - On AutoPilot.

Only when you Stop and make a conscious effort to change your behavior are you telling the unconscious to change direction. -"Go toward the Goal!"

But I'm just a kid !

Studies show EEG brain activity during early child development is predominantly in the lowest frequency range Delta from 0-2yrs, predominantly Delta & Theta from 2-6yrs and not until age 7-8 does the self-conscious predominant Alpha activity develop.

In hypnosis and meditation we know the lower the frequency the deeper the trance.

And the deeper the trance the easier the positive suggestions are received so change can happen.

It's like the doorway between the subconscious and conscious mind is open when in Delta and Theta.

So from roughly 0-7 years old, operating in mainly Delta & Theta, we are walking around in a trance downloading and being programmed by family, friends, environment, media, etc., without much of a conscious mind filtering out everyone else's opinions and beliefs about the world and the self.

This initial programming shapes 95% of our deep values, beliefs and behavior.

Good News

You don't have to act like a 7 year old to open the door and reprogram your habits. (Unless you want to)😁

You Can give yourself some suggestions throughout the day to keep the door open and remind the little guy inside where you are heading.

You must get his attention - tell him what to do then allow him to do it.

Multiple times per day.

Eventually you will notice the behavior change and the Results!


How would you train a 7 year old ?

One time in the morning?

One time in January?

Give him vague directions?

Give him a huge list of directions all at once?

How about one, small, specific task at a time?


My adult self teaches my 7 year old self multiple times a day!

I consciously train my subconscious mind daily!

What if you reminded yourself 7 times a day of the New Years goals you set?

What if you began to create smaller goals to get to the bigger goals?

So small.........that even a 7 year old could do them?

Happy 2020

Stay on Course !


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