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Emotional  Freedom  Technique


One of the most researched complimentary medicine modalities.

And the most popular Energy Psychology Tool Out There!

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful way to break Habits and change emotional and physical states immediately.

Using acupuncture points without needles, one can literally

tap away stuck emotions & Pain and tap into resourcefulness.

Studies have shown how the acupuncture Channels can conduct light from lasers. also, the Fascinating discovery of free floating stems cells observed in the channels should Excite Everyone !

The Acupuncture Channels are similar to fiber optics !

Carrying Light Waves of information to the coresponding organ system.

And, since the organs are where emotions are Experienced and physiologically processed we can access the emotional or physical energy blockage simply by tapping on specific organ points while stating to the body the issue or presenting problem !

Think of the acupuncture channels as one continuous river -

flowing in a circle through the body while influencing cell communication, blood flow and stress responses. 

When there is no stress or pain the water flows freely around.

But when there is pain or stress dams begin to form Blockages.

This is normally where we experience symptoms.

Through the process of Verbally stating to yourself different aspects of your pain/Stress you are acknowledging the blockage (symptom).

Then, as you tap the EFT Points while saying the statement you are now tapping that "information" in to the channels.

This is when you are telling the body where to look for the dam!

Once the blockage is free, Continued tapping while reframing our language to that of the successful outcome we desire allows for a New Resourceful program to be Installed through the Channels!

And........ta-dah! Congratulations !

You have just upgraded your stress response!

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