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And Congratulations on deciding to Learn proven neurohacking techniques to create powerful change in yourself and your clients. Go From Pain to Purpose & Finally live the life you dreamed of!

Atlantic Specialized Kinesiology

the ASK Institute

is a professional Mindset & Bodywork clinic and education provider in Virginia Beach, VA.

We provide private 1-1 appointments, Coaching Programs, and Online & Live Empowerment Trainings in:

Professional Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching, Emotional freedom Technique, and Manual Muscle Testing.

Not sure where to start ?

Breakthrough the obstacles 

that keep you from

Living a Life of Abundance.

When You're Ready to let go of

that Chronic Back Pain, Headache,

Negative Emotion, Self-Limiting Belief, Old Habit, Digestive Issue, Allergy, Weight, or

that ONE BIG THING holding you back.

Our 1-1 services and live trainings

are designed to give you powerful tools to

create the life you deserve.


Your subconscious mind has unlimited potential and a wealth of resources for you to achieve health, prosperity and happiness. The tools you will gain from our 1-1 Breakthrough Sessions and Trainings will teach you to access the areas of the body and mind where those old habits, memories, emotions, and