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Touch for Health Kinesiology 1 - Muscle Testing Foundations

Muscle Testing for Pain, Posture, Stress, Digestion and Success. Fix the CAUSE of Pain & Stress by learning to test the acupuncture system, lymphatic system, vascular system, muscle firing patterns and the related EMOTIONS & Nutrition. 2 days - 16 CE hours

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Muscle Testing for Pain, Posture, Stress, Digestion and Success.

Touch for Health® Kinesiology is an internationally known system of natural health care which uses 

manual muscle testing as a bio-feedback to balance various systems of the body and mind.

We offer a 100 hour TFH Practitioner Certification

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Get Certified in Touch for Health Kinesiology  

  • The original Specialized Energy Kinesiology  
  • Eliminate Back and Neck Pain 
  • Poor Posture and Gait  
  • Learning Difficulties  
  • Test for Vitamins, Foods, Essential Oils 
  • Release Emotional Stress  

Included in this Training: 2 days - 16 CE hours

Become Certified learn how to:

  • Acurately Test Muscle Strength Response
  • Correct the Weakness Causing the Symptom
  • Balance the Acupuncture system without needles
  • Improve Posture, Balance & Coordination
  • Improve Immune Response
  • Increase Mental Focus
  • Relieve Emotional Stress
  • Relieve Lymphatic Congestion
  • Relieve Neck & Back Pain
  • ....And much more

Continuing Education hours for:

Massage Therapists, RNs, LPNs, Acupuncturists through accredited agencies.

See www.touchforhealth.us

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